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About Rachel

Rachel Maenhout, born in The Netherlands is an abstract artist who works and lives in both Amsterdam and Ibiza. In 2018 she began her gradual experimentation and research, mainly focused on the use of acrylic painting on linen. During her life the desire to overcome borders and observe the peculiarities that the world offers is incessant, travelling across artistically rich European cities (London, Venice, Amsterdam, Florence, Milan, Berlin, Paris, etc.) and visiting galleries and expositions of the greatest abstract art artists catches her soul and inspires her to pursue this artistic path. Focusing on form and color, for the realization of her works she uses various "unconventional" tools as in the tradition of abstract art. In addition to the use of brushes, spatulas and strips, she explores the infinite possibilities of applying color on the canvas with different tools whatever she finds to help her cause.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”